Thursday, July 25, 2013

#2 Breakfast

First - Eat Breakfast
     "Them most important meal of the day."  My favorite meal of the day.   I have also started to hear that breakfast should be the largest meal of the day.  "OK." (with a big smile).   I actually cook breakfast and will make anything.  Pancakes, french toast, omelets, toad in a hole, bacon, sausage, pork roll and scrapple, you name it, I'll cook it up.   If you know me, I don't really like to cook.  Most of the time I view food as the enemy, but not breakfast.   Eat breakfast, CHECK.

Second - Eat a Healthy Breakfast
     I love eggs.  I would have to say most days of my life have started with eggs, especially an egg sandwich.  (There is the evil bread.)  I fry them with a little olive oil; we have the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer and use the oil we like.  In an effort to keep the bread factor down, I usually have a 100 Cal Thomas's English Muffin.  It has less calories, sodium and sugar than whole gain white bread, but the same Carbs.  

     To lessen the carbs, I try to have what I call, Veggie Eggs.  I will sauté onion, carrots, peppers and/or zucchini and then scramble eggs with it.  Then I might put tomatoes on top.  Sometimes I use leftover veggies from dinner, like Frosted Broccoli.  I do like meat with my eggs but I limit that as well.  Once in a while we will have Turkey Bacon or Chicken Sausage.
 My second favorite breakfast is oatmeal.  I grew up on Quaker Instant but now we buy Quick Oats and make our own.  Apple Cinnamon/Apple Pie, Maple and Brown Sugar and Peanut Butter and Jelly.  But there are other recipes I want to try too, like Bananas and Strawberries.  I also would like to try oatmeal and yogurt.

     I make 1/2 a cup of oats, but I can only eat half of that at breakfast.  So, I either split it with my guy or I will save the other have for a mid-morning snack.  Did I mention I eat breakfast at 6am.  Noon is a long time to try to hold off on lunch.
     I also make oatmeal with an egg.  This was the recipe that started me making my own oatmeal.   They call it Savory Oatmeal, makes it creamier, heartier. Whatever quick oat recipe I use, I add an egg.  The trick is to mix the egg up really good the other indigents before cooking, that way you do not end up with actual bits of egg.

Third - Make it Natural
      How to make breakfast more natural?  Well, that is a challenge.  I feel using the Misto helps to limit that oil (fat) content and saves money, instead of buying cooking sprays at the supermarket.  The Misto is reusable, we've had ours for about two years.

     The tomatoes I use are from our garden right now.  Soon we'll have peppers too.  That makes part of my veggie eggs home grown.  I want to start making more bread as well.  I recently made French Bread and had it for breakfast with eggs and it was very good.  

    Making our own oatmeal makes me feel pretty savvy.  And we make that as healthy as we can, because we control the ingredients.  For example, using honey or agave instead of sugar.  We use natural peanut butter and never add salt. 

     What I would really love is to use farm fresh eggs, and we have.  We were give some chicken and duck eggs from chickens and ducks right here in our town.  As excited as I was to use them, I hesitated and researched and finally ate them.  I made breakfast with the chicken eggs and Tony used the duck eggs for baking and to bread meats.  Duck eggs will help your cake rise higher and they have more protein. And the chicken eggs were great.  I have joked about raising chickens because I eat so many eggs, but if I can get them fresh from the farm, that'll do.

     We also like to buy Honey from a local bee farm - Herbertsville Honey.  We started buying products from them a few years ago at Cattus Island Day.  They are also at several farmers markets during the week.  We have tried - of course their honey, creamed honey, hot honey, lip balm, face cream and the honey sticks.  Remember, local bee pollen can help with allergies.

Lastly - Coffee
     Last week I mentioned, I love Coffee.  But I didn't always.  I was a tea drinker.  In college, when out with friends, I would have half a cup of coffee with the other half milk and sugar.   Then in 1998, I was introduced to French Vanilla Creamer.  OMG! Talk about the evil things.  I now had a sweet appreciation for coffee.  Since I drank tea all the time, anytime, I was able to drink coffee all the time.  And then I started working in a coffee shop.  Overnight.  With all the coffee I wanted.  Yes, they had French Vanilla Creamer.  My life became coffee.  BUT I have recovered!  I am drinking one cup, in the morning, after breakfast.  I use 1% milk and as little sugar as I can.  I am at two teaspoons.  I gave up the half watered down second cup, as mentioned last week.

    But this brings me to - how to make coffee a better, more natural thing.  Well, coffee grinds are great for composting and this year we got a composter.  Not only that, but the egg shells and veggie ends can go in the composter too.  Now I can also lessen our carbon footprint with breakfast and make mulch or "black gold" for our garden, to grow more vegetables, for my veggie eggs.  Anyone else hear "The Circle of Life" playing?

~ Deb

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