Monday, December 30, 2013

Early Start on 2014

I am staring my New Year's today!  Why?  I think it will be easier than waiting till the 1st.

1) I will most likely sleep in and be lazy on the 1st.
2) Thinking New Year's Eve is my "last night" to binge, I will over do it.
3) I let things go in December and today I am very motivated to get back on track.

So this morning I went back to my low calorie breakfast, charged up my Fitbit, been drinking lots of water, and I am updating my FB, website, Myspace and of course this blog.  I need to be careful though, I know being over ambitious is not good for me.  I get overwhelmed and then feel bad about what I did not accomplish. Hopefully, keeping up with this blog, will keep me in check.

Last year on my Terra Writings Blog, I wrote I Resolve Not to Resolve.  Where I made the case of not waiting for the first of January to make changes in your life.  Today I still believe that.  "Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today."  I already know why I will fail on January 1st, so why not start today.

Happy New Year!!!
~ Deb

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